Zutto Kiyohara !

The Kiyohara District is located in eastern Utsunomiya City. People who love the farms, restaurants, and facilities there gathered together to create the “Kiyohara Dream Project,” with the desire to allow many people to know about and visit Kiyohara. This venture was generated by the warm-hearted people and fertile soil there. Just as drops of dew fall from leaves and flow into the Kinugawa River, those in Kiyohara continue to love and cherish the land and share its blessings with everyone. That desire is what the Kiyohara-originated brand “Zutto Kiyohara” is all about.

What kind of place is Kiyohara district?

  Kiyohara is located approximately 8.5km from JR Utsunomiya Station in eastern Ustunomiya City.  It consists of the flat part of the left bank of the Kinugawa River that flows through the western end of the district and the Housyakuji Terrace, and is a long narrow geographical region of about 12km north-south and about 5km east-west, with a population of approximately 30,000 people.

  The origin of the district name comes from the given name “Mr. Kiyohara,” which is the surname of the ancestor Mr. Takatoshi Haga, a member of a Kamakura Period clan who built Tobiyama Castle. Ancient ruins are interspersed in the district, and Kinugawa was used as an important waterway for the transportation of goods from the Edo Period to the middle of the Meiji Era. The district prospered as a place of logistics, having river banks for cargo handling established. That has had a great impact on the formation of the present climate, livelihood, and culture.

  It is an agricultural zone centered on field crops, such as those grown in orchards and greenhouses, and it is a major production site for such representative produce of Utsunomiya City as pears and tomatoes. In addition, it has educational facilities, large-scale residential complexes, and the Kiyohara Industrial Complex, which is inland and boasts of being of the largest scale in Japan, with its number of new residents also increasing.

Friends of "Zutto kiyohara"

It is "Zutto Kiohara" launched by a district young agricultural commerce and industry aiming to establish regional brands of agricultural products in the Kiyohara area where fruit trees and vegetables are thriving.

I hope to convey the richness of Kiyohara through the "agricultural experience" "eat" "learn" "buy" "watch" "play" by making use of the agricultural resources in the Kiyohara area.

Through our exchanges with you, we value our daily lives in order to expand the circle of making Kiyohara more fun, and loving and treating Kiyohara for a long time.

Efforts so far

  • Product development using Kiyohara-made crops
  • Promotion of universal agriculture
  • Promotion of Kiyohara green tourism